Oil exploration and oil extraction have brought in many innovations as well as designs based on the utility, fitments and safety related to the industry. Many special thread forms are required. The subject of API have it's own intricacy. Posithread in U. K. Have specialized and have extensive experience on this special thread forms.

Posithread have the licences required for manufacturing these special forms for VAM, JFE, TENARIS and NIPPON STEEL.

Posithread offer oil field solutions for American MT, American P.A.C., American Open Hole, Gulf Tubing Joints, Hughes Doubble Streamline, Hughes extra Hole, Hughes Extra Flush and similar in Reed standard also over and above popular API, Acme, Stub Acme ,Trepaz, Extreme Line casing Buttress Casing . It is also possible to offer special customized profiles with fairly quick deliveries.

The product is accompanied with the family of strong tool holders.